currenly just running the go program from the terminal, though I got similar results packaging it into an app.

I soon get very long periods between ticker fires:

Tick slow: 3.501350114s
Tick slow: 5.551485377s

I am seeing the same thing (Late 2012 13" MacBook Pro Retina).

My first guess is that MacOS must be putting your App into a background low-power mode and scheduling it infrequently. My ticks go up to just about 11 seconds. because clicking on the App in the dock seems to (temporarily) fix this. I would check the AppKit docs for how to avoid background throttling, or see if the OS is sending you a message first that you can respond to and prevent it from happening. An alternative is to create a pure Go background task that interacts with a MacOS frontend through a socket, grpc or some other mechanism. Good luck and let me know if anything works.

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