fxamacker/cbor <https://github.com/fxamacker/cbor> is my first open source 
project, after working exclusively on closed source.

<https://github.com/fxamacker/cbor>It is MIT licensed and designed to be:

   - Easy -- idiomatic Go API (like encoding/json).
   - Safe and reliable -- no unsafe pkg, test coverage at ~90%, fuzz tested 
   <https://github.com/fxamacker/cbor-fuzz>, and uses RFC 7049 test vectors.
   - Standards-compliant -- supports RFC 7049 and canonical CBOR encodings 
   (both RFC 7049 and CTAP2). 
   - Small and self-contained -- pkg compiles to under 0.5 MB with no 
   external dependencies.
This library balances compiled size, safety (no unsafe pkg) and speed (

Program size comparison (linux_amd64, Go 1.12) doing the same CBOR encoding 
and decoding:

   - 2.7 MB program using fxamacker/cbor
   - 11.9 MB program using ugorji/go
Library size comparison (linux_amd64, Go 1.12):

   - 0.45 MB pkg -- fxamacker/cbor
   - 2.9 MB pkg -- ugorji/go without code generation (go install --tags 
   - 5.7 MB pkg -- ugorji/go with code generation (default)
I'm using this library in a new WebAuthn library which I hope to announce 

Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.



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