Answers to some questions received today:

*Is the API stable?*
There's no plan to change the API -- but I wanted to leave room to improve 
the API based on initial feedback.

The API will always be backwards compatible unless the major version number 

*Is this production ready?*
Current version passed fuzzing for 9+ hours on linux_amd64 without problems 
using RFC 7049 test vectors as seeds. It appears ready for production use 
on linux_amd64.

*Why is version number only 0.3?*
I was tempted to release 0.3 as 1.0.  I'll promote version 0.3 to 1.0 this 
month, unless API changes are requested by the Go community.  I'm using 
semantic versioning, so I didn't want to risk a 2.0 release right after 
announcing 1.0.

I've updated the README to include this info. 

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