I am using a dockerized Golang image to connect to my Azure SQL server 
database. When I try to ping it, I am running into "TLS Handshake failed: 
x509: certificate signed by unknown authority". I am able to run my app 
from my box without dockerization without any issues. I am also able to 
able to ping my Azure Postgres server with sslmode=require without issues 
using the same Golang image. I am using 
https://github.com/denisenkom/go-mssqldb package. My connection code is:

    db, err := sql.Open("sqlserver", "server=myserver.database.windows.net;user 

    if err != nil {
            "drivername":       "sqlserver",
            "connectionstring": "secret",
            "error":            err.Error()}).Panic("Unable to connect to 

What am I missing?

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