On Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 2:48:25 PM UTC+2, Darko Luketic wrote:
> What used to work pre go 1.13 now doesn't work anymore
> go mod is one big mess no one needs and complicates everything
> I'm now getting ambiguity. How do I resolve it?
> Nothing compiles anymore
>  ✘ darko@wrk  ~/go/src/git.icod.de/dalu/socialthing   master ●✚  go 
> mod tidy
> go: extracting github.com/ugorji/go/codec 
> v0.0.0-20181204163529-d75b2dcb6bc8
> git.icod.de/dalu/socialthing/cmd imports
>         github.com/gin-gonic/gin/binding imports
>         github.com/ugorji/go/codec: ambiguous import: found 
> github.com/ugorji/go/codec in multiple modules:
>         github.com/ugorji/go v1.1.4 (/home/darko/go/pkg/mod/
> github.com/ugorji/go@v1.1.4/codec)
>         github.com/ugorji/go/codec v0.0.0-20181204163529-d75b2dcb6bc8 
> (/home/darko/go/pkg/mod/
> github.com/ugorji/go/codec@v0.0.0-20181204163529-d75b2dcb6bc8)
> What does that even mean?

I agree that the error message is too short.
I hope that in a future version, the go compiler will add a long 
description to each error message.

> [...]

Manlio Perillo

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