Hello everyone:
       I'm a beginner for golang with Win10. Now I'm trying to write an 
user interface. The version of the golang which I am using is 1.12.9. Here 
are some problems that I'm encountering:

1. How to append text with a new line?
2. How to output variables as the "fmt.Println" function? (Ex:  
 fmt.Println("The initial number is:", input)) 
3. How to implement text edit as the "fmt.Scanf" function?
4. How to implement with bottoms? (Ex: There are 3 bottoms, if the third 
bottom is clicked, the three bottoms will disappear and then appear 4 new 
bottoms to let the user choose.)

Here is the code for the problems above, where the code is with lots of 
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you very much!

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