On Friday, 8 November 2019 05:47:03 UTC+1, Kasun Vithanage wrote:
> What is the best approach?

There is no single "best approach".

If two goroutines A and B access two different indices iA and iB you
do not need any synchronisation between them. If iA==iB you need
to protect reads from concurrent writes.

If you have far more reads than writes: Use a RWMutex, otherwise
a Mutex probably is fine. The trick here: Experiment and measure.

You can synchronise on the Bar-level or on the level of individual Foos.
Or you can group lets say N Foos together and synchronise on the
level of these groups. The trick here: Experiment and measure.

So it boils down to: What is your access pattern? Make several
experiments which simulate this pattern and measure. Then decide
on "the best".


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