Hi all,

I've posted a draft design for replacing // +build lines with //go:build
lines that support standard boolean expression syntax. It is a draft design
I'm circulating for feedback, not an official proposal. (I certainly hope
it will be well received and can be made into a proposal, but that's not
where we are today.)

If you are interested, there is a doc and a video, linked below. As an
experiment, I'd like to try using Reddit for the discussion, also linked
below. The idea is that proper threading support should scale better than
GitHub or a single large mail thread here would. But for those who don't do
Reddit, I will keep an eye on this thread and reply as best I can.

Video: https://golang.org/s/go-build-video
Design: https://golang.org/s/go-build-design
Q&A: https://golang.org/s/go-build-reddit



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