I agree. I like the filename based constraints, but having both is
annoying and since the comment based constraints are more flexible I
think they'd have to be the ones to stay. I frequently find myself
looking for constraints by grepping for whatever it is I want, but if I
have filename based constraints I have to do a find as well. Having one
or another but not both would make my life easier in a small but
meaningful way.


On Tue, Jun 30, 2020, at 18:56, roger peppe wrote:
> One thing I'd really like to see is the eventual deprecation of filename-
> based build constraints (e.g. file_linux.go). They make it hard for
> users (not everyone knows the name of all architectures), hard for
> tooling (tools need to maintain a list of current architectures) and
> potentially compatibility-breaking (adding a new architecture can
> change the meaning of existing files). Could we eventually mandate in-
> file build constraints instead?

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