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3. it is *way* simpler with dynamic linking where all the objects are
nicely separated, in different packages, with separate documentation,
and legal analysis can be made at the time you assemble the packages,
not at the time you ship them. Volunteers willing to convert Fedora
packages to dynamic linking are welcome.

Hi Jacub,

I would much appreciate if you could help me to convert Fedora to
dynamic linking in regard to the the Go packaging. May I count you in?

If no one steps in I will probably look at it someday, but right now my Fedora priorities are:

1.finish wrapping up the current macros with Jan till it builds our existing packages without workarounds

(really not happy right now about golist trying to parse, install and test non production code such as examples, tesdata and _dirs by default, all of those should be ignored, trying to parse and install them breaks many of our packages, as most example code is quite unmaintained by upstreams and will pull needless requires if it does work, tesdata is data that will contain broken code if it contains any code at all, and _dirs are supposed to be ignored by the compiler so trying to parse in in golist often panics.)

2. update the wiki documentation to reflect the changes we did with Jan (of course, anyone doing it before me is welcome)

3. get our packages in Fedora

$ ls -l golang-*/*spec | wc -l

$ ./find-not-in-fedora.sh | cut -d " " -f 1 | wc -l
365 (counting specs that provide an import path completely absent from devel right now)

And even those that are in Fedora in some form, will need switch to new form of packaging, eventual update to the new version/commit the other specs need, eventual renaming and layout change to be consistent with the other new packages

That includes, identifying the packages that break with Go 1.10 and fix them one way or another

4. process the requests that accumulated on my other Fedora packages while I was taken with Go packaging

I will only have space cycle to try new Fedora Go endeavors afterwards. Wich is unlikely to be soon given the amount of remaining work (of course, helping someone else to do it would demand a lot less commitment)


Nicolas Mailhot
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