Enhancement: @Json or @Serialize(format=json) Annotation #244 

Are there any news on this feature? 

I tried to use kirillgroshov's implementation from 
https://github.com/kirillgroshkov/objectify-json-serialization  and it 
seems to works quite nicely. 

The entity size went down and there's a ~30% increase in speed compared to 
using EmbeddedEntity (only local devserver, though). 

I'd like to know:
- Are there any disadvantages/dangers in using JSON as the serialization 
- Since objectify-json-serialization uses Translators... how well are 
Translators supported? 
- Is there a way to change the serialization format later (in-place)? Let's 
say I want to convert from EmbeddedEntity to JSON later. Is there a way to 
tell Objectify to read EE and write JSON and if the entity was already 
converted to JSON to use that?

I'm a bit scarred to use @Serializable (java Serialization) since our 
entity will change quite a bit - but i'd like to be able to compress 
(zip=true) the data like @Serializable does.


Best regards, 


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