Hi Adam,

have you had success trying Haskell on AppEngine? I'd love to try it out 
myself once I've time for this and would love to learn from your experience 
or help you if you got stuck.



Am Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016 11:26:40 UTC+2 schrieb Adam Evans:
> Yes. 
> That looks to be the simplest / obvious solution, take the off the shelf 
> Java / Python AppEngine SDK and create a RESTish wrapper around the search 
> features. Deploying in AppEngine I'd then need to look at service to 
> service auth to restrict access so my index is not publicly available.
> The primary reason for investigating AppEngine is cheap computing on the 
> the micro instances + search vs AWS EC2 with ElasticSearch. I would prefer 
> not have an instance specifically as a search sidecar to keep the cost down.
> I'll try and investigate the ProtoBuf api reverse engineered by the PHP 
> project. It would be useful if Google opened up the spec if providing 
> custom runtimes so 3rd parties can implement the libraries, it'd also make 
> AppEngine a no brainer as a PaaS with custom runtime support.
> On Wednesday, 5 October 2016 07:52:30 UTC+11, Tom Walder wrote:
>> I guess you could deploy a PHP/Python/Standard runtime app to just expose 
>> a RESTish API to the Search service.
>> I've done this before.

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