Stackdriver is great because it is built-in, so its trivial to get started. 
It is not (yet) a very sophisticated data visualization and alerting tool 

We are starting to look into using Datadog, since it permits you to create 
graphs and alerts on queries over custom metrics, which we are starting to 

In both cases: Getting *custom* metrics from App Engine code into 
Stackdriver or Datadog is a small pain. We've written a small custom "stats 
aggregator" that reads from a pull queue and sends to the appropriate API. 
Our application then writes a task to that queue at the end of each 
request, with the stats that were updated.

On Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 11:05:42 PM UTC-4, An N wrote:
> I need to set up monitoring for some App Engine projects so I can get 
> statistics and alerts about errors, traffic, utilisation, things like that.
> Does anyone have experience with Stackdriver/Sentry/Datadog/Rollbar/... on 
> Google App Engine? Mind sharing what you like or don't like about your 
> setup? 

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