I have been considering refactoring my existing app engine App into a 
series of Microservices with a secure API (authentication required). 

My existing app is fairly well structured in regard to being modular, but 
only in the directory and ndb model sense. Most modules communicate with 
other modules via imports and, read and write from various models. In fact 
none of the modules are totally isolated.

I have been reading about Services and Endpoints and I'm not clear on the 
best approach. For example if I have routers that handle the various 
requests, and then a bunch of handlers that service the requests, , GET 
POST, DELETE ... which is currently the case, then I already have the basis 
for the api, I just need to tidy the code and make sure I return data in 
Json format instead of rendering templates...

Before I go down the wrong path I have a few questions.

1. What is the best approach (least complex) to creating an API using both 
Services and Endpoints?
2. What are the considerations for inter service communications, I 
understand that ndb models are shared along with memcache and taskqueues 
3. Should I create an api structure out of my existing modules or on on top 


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