Not long ago I got the latest version of the AppEngine SDK using:

go get

The Google Cloud documentation was recently updated, and apparently I 
should now use:

gcloud components install app-engine-go

After doing the above, I'm seeing 2 directories:


The first contains the AppEngine SDK files, the second does not.

In the PATH I'm seeing:

# The next line updates PATH for the Google Cloud SDK.
if [ -f ‘/Users/kieran/google-cloud-sdk/' ]; then source 
'/Users/kieran/google-cloud-sdk/'; fi

# The next line enables shell command completion for gcloud.
if [ -f '/Users/kieran/google-cloud-sdk/' ]; then source 
'/Users/kieran/google-cloud-sdk/'; fi

Why is the gcloud installer adding a reference in the PATH to the 
google-cloud-sdk that does not contain the AppEngine SDK ?

How do I reference the AppEngine SDK that was downloaded by the glcoud 
installer? With 2 different SDK paths I'm totally confused about which one 
to use, and even how to reference it in code as it doesn't appear to be in 
the PATH.

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