I migrated my App Engine application from java 7 to java 8 as described here: 

The invoked endpoint in my App Engine application performs the following steps:

- Performs an http request using java.net.HttpURLConnection
- Extracts text from the web page retrieved using 
- Creates a json object containing some fields realated to the web page visited 
using com.google.gson.JsonObject
- Returns the json in the response.

I notice a dramatic performance deterioration with java 8.

Using the App Engine console chart, I notice a big difference in latency.

I extracted the following information from the logs by choosing two requests 
representing the average latency time. The first one for requests on the java 7 
version and the second one for requests on the java 8 version.

Java 7 version:

protoPayload.startTime: "2018-02-04T02:31:42.824065Z"    
protoPayload:.endTime: "2018-02-04T02:31:43.447840Z"   
latency: "0.623775s"
receiveTimestamp: "2018-02-04T02:31:43.799013964Z"  
timestamp: "2018-02-04T02:31:42.824065Z"

Java 8 version

startTime: "2018-02-01T14:52:07.695316Z" 
endTime: "2018-02-01T14:52:09.623029Z" 
latency: "1.927713s"
receiveTimestamp: "2018-02-01T14:52:09.693218406Z"  
timestamp: "2018-02-01T14:52:07.695316Z" 

It is useful to clarify that running some tests on my local app engine 
environment (on my local machine), I did not notice any difference in the times 
of execution between java 7 and java 8. So it seems to me that the problem does 
not come from the version of java but perhaps from the environment app engine 
where the two versions run. Is my assumption correct?

Does anyone have any ideas about the possible causes?

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