1) I understand "free tier" as starter package. If so, no you don't have 
that limit. Your limits are at *All Quotas* page at the cloud console.
As far as I know, you have more than 2 IP's, because each instance (VM) 
will be created with its own public IP. You can convert an IP into static 
after the machine is created (also you can do that before creating)
I suggest you to create an ordinary instance (as your second VM) and then 
convert that IP into static.
You can update the topic if that doesn't work.

2) Onto the other question, once I was looking for a solution for 1 IP per 
multi instance. But it seems not possible in terms of your need. But you 
can use
a) individual IPs per VM to solve your problem
b) run docker inside your one instance (two or more dockers will be running 
on 1 instance with 1 public/static IP)
c) you can aggregate two different instances through a custom load 
balancer. But you can't know which one will reply. So this is not a 
solution I believe.


On Tuesday, 13 February 2018 17:12:27 UTC+3, barryhunter wrote:
>> So I assume on my starter package that I can only assign one static IP. 
>> Am I right?
> dont know that. Not sure what starter package refering to. 
>> Is there a way for me to use the same static address for two instances or 
>> what would people suggest. 
> No. A IP would refer to a single instance. If there was a way, how would 
> know what instance to use when try to cotnact the IP? 
> Maybe use some sort of 'dynamic dns' system, for the VMS to register their 
> current IP with some sort of registry. So other instances can contact them. 
> ... or just use the one that Google provides. 
> https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/internal-dns
> (ie use hostnames, NOT IP addresses directly. ) 

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