thanks, kenworth!

looks like the key part of that example is these lines in app.js:

// Use the built-in express middleware for serving static files from 
app.use('/static', express.static('public'));

that does indeed get the static files serving. it still ignores the static 
file handlers in app.yaml, though, and just duplicates them via express in 
app.js instead. that's ok, but it's unfortunate for larger applications 
with many different static file handlers in app.yaml, since you have to 
duplicate them all, and they'll inevitably skew when you change them.

if this is expected, i'm happy to file a feature request on the issue 
tracker! just let me know.

On Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 9:20:30 AM UTC-7, Kenworth (Google Cloud 
Platform) wrote:
> This is currently possible. Here is an example to help you get started:
> npm start app.standard.yaml

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