You can test to see how your application handles lowercase by passing this 
header through also.

x-goog-downcase-all-headers: test

This will make all of the headers lowercase

On Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 10:30:50 PM UTC+1, Santiago Del Valle wrote:
> We got this email
> After September 30, HTTP(S) Load Balancers will convert HTTP/1.1 header 
> names to lowercase in the request and response directions; header values 
> will not be affected.
> As header names are case-insensitive, this change will not affect clients 
> and servers that follow the HTTP/1.1 specification (including all popular 
> web browsers and open source servers). Similarly, as HTTP/2 and QUIC 
> protocols already require lowercase header names, traffic arriving at load 
> balancers over these protocols will not be affected. However, we recommend 
> testing projects that use custom clients or servers prior to the rollout to 
> ensure minimal impact.
> However I do not understand if this will affect headers injected by 
> google, like "HTTP_X_APPENGINE_COUNTRY" which we use on our project, is 
> this going to change or will it remain unaffected?

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