I'm using google Geo chart to display location based data in cities 
(markers ) format.
I'm using the same data to plot a table chart side by side.
My aim is to click on the row in the table chart and the corresponding 
location marker must be highlighted. 

var len = cityData.cities.length;
            // Data
            var data = new google.visualization.DataTable();
            data.addColumn('string', 'City');
            data.addColumn('number', 'subscriber');
            for (var i = 0; i < len; i++) {
            // Options
            var options = {
                fontName: 'Roboto',
                height: 400,
                width: "70%",
                fontSize: 12,
                tooltip: {
                    textStyle: {
                        fontName: 'Roboto',
                        fontSize: 13
                displayMode: 'markers',
                colorAxis: {
                    colors: ['#BBDEFB', '#1976D2']
        var cssClassNames = {
            headerRow: 'header-row-style',
            tableRow: 'row-style',
            oddTableRow: 'odd-row-style',
            headerCell: 'header-cell-style',
            tableCell: 'custom-table-td'
        var options_table = {
            allowHtml: true,
            page: 'enable',
            pageSize: 10,
//            height: '250px',
            width: '80%',
            tooltip: {isHtml: true},
            showRowNumber: false,
            cssClassNames: cssClassNames

//         Draw table chart
        var table = new google.visualization.Table($('#geo-table')[0]);
        table.draw(data, options_table);

            // Draw  Geo chart
            chart = new 
            chart.draw(data, options);

I've imported current packages of both 
 google.charts.load("current", {
                    packages: [

separate divs in html for both of them,
                                        <div id="geo-table"></div>
                                        <div id="google-geo-region"> </div>

Please help me out with the code that I can use for handling such 
requirement, fairly new to Javascript.

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