How can we make datefilter for Weekly, Quarterly, Yearly from Contents 
Daily Date JSON or Data?

For example:
I made this and you can choose your date type but which date type you 
choose it gives always daily range:

*http://adresyazilim.com/grafik/ <http://adresyazilim.com/grafik/>*

For instance:
If i choose weekly, 13-2007 between 20-2017
it should be show and give sum of week 14, week 15,... week 19 (6 value)

If i choose quarter, Q2-2007 between Q2-2018
it should be show and give sum of Q3-2007, Q4-2008, Q1-2018 (3 value)

My json data contains daily values, how can i make group or other else?

Could you please give me an example and suggestion?

Best Regards.

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