Le dimanche 1 avril 2018 10:10:46 UTC+2, Xiongqi ZHANG a écrit :
> Would you share your python solution? Maybe we can take a look.

Here mine, .. keep having "Runtime Error"

import sys

def guess_nb(a, b):
    if a > b:
        buff = a
        a = b
        b = buff
    guessnb = int((b - a) / 2) + a
    return int(guessnb)

print("Starting\n", flush=True,file=sys.stderr)
T = int(sys.stdin.readline())
while T > 0:

    line = sys.stdin.readline()
    A, B = line.rsplit()
    A = int(A)
    B = int(B)
    N = int(sys.stdin.readline())
    while N:
        print(f"A={A} B={B} N={N}", flush=True, file=sys.stderr)
        nb = guess_nb(A, B)
        print(nb, flush=True)
        print(nb, flush=True, file=sys.stderr)
        rep = sys.stdin.readline().rstrip()
        print("["+rep+"]", flush=True, file=sys.stderr)
        if rep == "TOO_SMALL":
            A = nb
            N -= 1
        elif rep == "TOO_BIG":
            B = nb
            N -= 1
        elif rep == "CORRECT":
        elif rep == "WRONG_ANSWER":
            N = 0
            print("Error rep not found", flush=True, file=sys.stderr)
    T -= 1

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