I was not able to get the tool to work for GoGopher in the Qualification round 
and am hoping to figure it out for round 1A. I attempted to run it with my 
solution using the command(Windows 10): 
C:\Users\casey>Desktop\testing_tool.py java GoGopher

in the terminal and got this output:

C:\Users\casey>Desktop\testing_tool.py java GoGopher
Case #1 failed: Read an empty string as opposed to 2 integers for cell 
location. This might happen because your code exited early, or printed an extra 
newline character.
Failed to print -1 -1 because your code finished already.
Waiting for your code to finish...
Your code finishes with exit status 1.
The stderr output of your code is:
Error: Could not find or load main class GoGopher

GoGopher is the class name and I am using Eclipse to write my solutions in 
java. It worked for the actual submission with small and large datasets. I also 
tried running the tool using F5 in IDLE and using cmd=["java","GoGopher"] and 
got the same result. Someone please help! do I need to include the file path of 
the solution or something?

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