When using a pie chart can the size of the pie be specified?

In my case I monitor a shared network bandwidth of 12,000,000 bits per 
second RX and TX.
I collect the usage from each house radio (it's a rural wireless network) 
every 5 minutes and create 2 pie charts,
One pie chart is traffic to the ISP and one pie chart is from the ISP and I 
can visualize the percentage
each house is contributing to current bandwidth consumption.

I thought there would be a way to specify that the size of the entire pie 
was 12,000,000 and have the
houses be slices of the pie and an unallocated section, but I dont see a 
way to do it.
I get around it by doing the math Unused = 120000000 - house1usage - ... - 
Just thought this would be a useful feature if it does not already exist 
and something I might use if it does.

Turns out I like my solution might be better anyway because sometimes the 
ISP's traffic shaping allows us to exceed our cap.
Resulting in Unused bandwidth turning into a negative number which the pie 
chart rendering code understandably does not like.
I solved that by zeroing unused should it go negative and the supersized 
pie chart works fine.

So repeating the question is there a way to specify the size of the entire 
pie chart, so an "unused" slice will result?


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