I agree 100% with Ivan, every word he said is true. 

You can also rewrite your UI code to work with Vaadin (8 or 10 soon) and 
all the rest of your code (business logic, persistence, services) can stay 
(almost) the same as it is now in your GWT. Vaadin 10 (Flow) will be ready 
soon, it does not use GWT and it works with webcomponents (written in 
Polymer) that are the future anyway. One day when/if J2CL is ready you will 
most probably have ability to compile (parts or all) your Flow UI code to 
JS. That would probably be possible, but we will see what will happen. With 
Vaadin Flow you have a lot of options how to write you application e.g. you 
have an option to write all your UI code in Polymer if you like.

If you believe in Angular, React or TS future go with that instead. I 
believe that they will all change so much in the future that you will also 
have the same problem you are facing in this moment with GWT.

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