I tried to use the Polymer widgets from Vaadin. However, no matter what I 
do I keep getting the error below basically saying that $wnd.HTMLImports is 
undefined. I even created a bare-bones project, just with the necessary 
code to run an example and I still get this error. Any idea what's causing 

thank you

Caused by: com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (TypeError) : 
Cannot read property 'whenReady' of undefined 
TypeError: Cannot read property 'whenReady' of undefined
    at lQf_g$ (Polymer.java:364)
    at QPf_g$ (Polymer.java:277)
    at TQf_g$ (PolymerWidget.java:17)
    at u1f_g$ (PaperMaterial.java:39)
    at K$f_g$ (JavaApiWidget.java:17)

the error is thrown in com.vaadin.polymer.Polymer.java on line 364 which is 
        $wnd.HTMLImports.whenReady(!e ? f : function() {

     * Executes a function after all imports have been loaded and when the
     * passed element is ready to use.
    public static native void whenReady(Function f, Element e)
        $wnd.HTMLImports.whenReady(!e ? f : function() {
          var id = setInterval(function() {
            if (@com.vaadin.polymer.Polymer::isRegisteredElement(*)(e)) {
          }, 0);

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