Is there an announcement of the deprecation anywhere, Brandon?  Those URLs 
all look like works in progress.

When a random developer goes looking for the Google Plugin for Eclipse, he 
finds this:

Which leads to these install instructions:

Which leads to these instructions:

Plugin for Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) 

Plugin for Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) 

Plugin for Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) 

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 8:16:24 AM UTC-7, Brandon Donnelson wrote:
> Michael is right, GPE and GPE fork is deprecated. 
> - GPE is deprecated (or will be in 4th quarter)
> - The new GWT Eclipse Plugin V3 can be installed on mars and neon. The 
> install will conflict with GPE or GPE-Fork so it will ask you to remove GPE 
> if it is installed. 
> - I haven't tested the install GWT Eclipse Plugin V3 with the GPE 
> uninstall path very much so I'm interested if that works, and if it doesn't 
> please report back :)
>  - 3 options to dowload, the market place is best 
> Thanks,
> Brandon

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