Hi Earl,

   An RDF rcfile would be totally cool, and also show off the
   flexibility of MHonArc. I think it also might be a candidate
   for the MHonArc examples directory. I briefly started making
   one, and it seemed tricky.

   Any alternate to the list-of-lists would be great, because the
   current one is getting so unwieldy, even for personal use.  I don't
   know what the best solution is, though. Htdig can merge multiple
   htdig-dbs. However, I don't think I have the hardware to search
   across millions of message. So if I did go with the 'interest
   finder' suggestion, it would probably just have a small,
   independent htdig-database that covered only recent messages from
   all the lists.

   It's hard for me to make subjective calls on index layouts, as I
   recognize I'm no expert, but have mild (not unwavering!) trust in
   my intuition.  In the threads case, I chose lots of repetition of
   subject lines, to make it trivial to tell at a glance what the
   major threads are about.

   I'm afraid of the complexity that might come with keeping metadata
   like descriptions and subscription information around. Baggage
   might include logins, a concept of list archive administrators, and
   probably a few other things. The best ideas I have for metadata is

    1) Hope the yahoo's and liszt's of the world decide to do it.
       This is what I am really hoping for.

    2) Somehow link against the list's intro letter that is sometimes
       sent directly to archive@jab.org

    3) Make it possible for people to forward metadata as an email to
       a special address. Thus the metadata would be made accessable
       in the format of a list archive.


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