On September 5, 1999 at 13:49, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

> Paul, see how attachments end up in subdirectories, for example
> http:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg00459.html
> The default rcfile puts attachments in a subdirectory, with a .dir
> extension. You are probably overriding the MIMEArgs directive, or
> perhaps .html attachments are treated differently.

I think the problem is a change in mhexternal.pl of MHonArc in
the naming of attachment subdirectories.  It appears I did not
mention it in CHANGES, but here is the SCCS delta comment on it:

D 2.7 99/06/25 13:59:18+05:00 [EMAIL PROTECTED] 22 21  3/3/228
P /home/ehood/work/perl/MHonArc/lib/mhexternal.pl
C Removed addition of ".dir" to subdir.

According to the date, it was applicable for v2.4.0 or v2.4.1.  I
cannot remember the exact reason for the change, but some user had
problems with the ".dir" so I figured no harm (ha ha) would occur
if I removed the ".dir".

I do not know how htdig works, but can it index specified list of
file types (eg: .html, .txt), or can you specify a regex/glob mask
(or match) to control indexing?


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