Yes, we plan to put surescripts into DISPENSING 

I think we included administration and current meds as well as orders in our 
PRESCRIBING. Maybe we shouldn't have... I hadn't looked at the materials you 

Our RX_BASIS mappings are in 
 I'm not sure I understand them fully; 
#496<> has lots of 
gory details.


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Subject: Medication in PCORI CDM

I’m looking to see if I’m interpreting the CDM correctly for 

We have 4 sources for medications in our i2b2:
1) Med Orders
2) Med Admin
3) Current Meds
4) RX Filled(Surescripts)

Looking at the diagram "3.4 The Continuum of Medication-related Data Domains” 
for the CDM documentation 
 It looks to be as if the med orders should go into the prescribing table. Med 
Admin should be ignored based on the "INTERNAL FILL AND MEDICATION 
ADMINISTRATION” box stating "Not currently represented in CDM, given the 
specialized data stream.”  And the Current Meds should be ignored based on the 
"MEDICATION RECONCILIATION /ACTIVE MED LIST” box stating that they are not 
represented in the CDM.  I’m thinking that the surescripts data would go into 
the dispensing?

Does that seem correct?

Also, how would you define the rx_basis for the med orders?
NI=No information
Are there definitions somewhere as to what dispensing and administration mean 
for the RX basis?



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