#360: how to aggregate BMI, medications and the like for breast cancer analysis?
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 The relevant RxCUIs are the direct  children of the VA classes that
 descend from either of these:

 They're maintained in the form of REDCap pulldown choices in
 bmi/bc_qa/blob/rc_codebook/bc2_collect/rx_choices.txt rx_choices.txt]. I
 built this file when I discovered KUMC's drug ontology isn't complete; it
 now has UNMC's drugs as well. You're welcome to propose edits in the
 normal git/github ways or just email me suggested edits. Then I can paste
 them into REDCap.

 They're sorted by class code and then drug name. The first few lines are:

 377179, [AN100] RXCUI:377179 Busulfan Injectable Solution
 371165, [AN100] RXCUI:371165 Busulfan Oral Tablet
 378774, [AN100] RXCUI:378774 Carmustine Drug Implant

 The label pattern is `[{vc}] RXCUI:{cui} {drug}`.
 from [https://github.com/kumc-
 bmi/bc_qa/blob/rc_codebook/bc2_collect/bc2_dd.py#L282 bc2_dd.py#L282]

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