Because they both require a different distribution of OFED, which are mutual 
exclusive to install.
in theory if you deploy plain OFED it might work, but that will be hard to find 
somebody to support.

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   Aaron Knister --- Re: [gpfsug-discuss] EDR and omnipath --- 
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<>To:gpfsug-discuss@spectrumscale.orgDate:Mon, Sep 19, 
2016 1:35 PMSubject:Re: [gpfsug-discuss] EDR and omnipath
    I must admit, I'm curious as to why one cannot use GPFS with IB and OPA 
both in RDMA mode. Granted, I know very little about OPA but if it just 
presents as another verbs device I wonder why it wouldn't "Just work" as long 
as GPFS is configured correctly.-AaronOn 9/19/16 3:11 AM, Vic Cornell wrote:> 
Bump>> I can see no reason why that wouldn't work. But it would be nice to a> 
have an official answer or evidence that it works.>> Vic>>>> On 15 Sep 2016, at 
5:49 pm, Brian Marshall <>> <>> wrote:>>>> 
All,>>>> I see in the GPFS FAQ A6.3 the statement below.  Is it possible to>> 
have GPFS do RDMA over EDR infiniband and non-RDMA communication over>> 
omnipath (IP over fabric) when each NSD server has an EDR card and a>> OPA card 
installed?>>>>>>>> RDMA is not supported on a node when both Mellanox HCAs and 
Intel>> Omni-Path HFIs are enabled for RDMA.>>>> 
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