Check out “unmountOnDiskFail” config parameter perhaps?

The unmountOnDiskFail specifies how the GPFS daemon responds when a disk 
failure is detected. The valid values of this parameter are yes, no, and meta. 
The default value is no.

I have it set to “meta” which prevents the file system from unmounting  if an 
NSD fails and the metadata is still available. I have 2 replicas of metadata 
and one data.

Bob Oesterlin
Sr Principal Storage Engineer, Nuance

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [gpfsug-discuss] mmchdisk suspend / stop

So … what I was wondering if I could do is to use mmchdisk to either suspend or 
(preferably) stop those NSDs, do the firmware upgrade, and resume the NSDs?  
The problem I see is that suspend doesn’t stop I/O, it only prevents the 
allocation of new blocks … so, in theory, if a user suddenly decided to start 
using a file they hadn’t needed for 3 months then I’ve got a problem.  Stopping 
all I/O to the disks is what I really want to do.  However, according to the 
mmchdisk man page stop cannot be used on a filesystem with replication set to 
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