at this point there are no plans to support "node by node" upgrade for SMB.
Some background: The technical reason for this restriction is that the records shared between protocol nodes for the SMB service (ctdb and Samba) are not versioned and no mechanism is in place to handle different versions. Changing this would be a large development task that has not been included in any current plans.
Note that this only affects the SMB service and that the knowledge center outlines a procedure to minimize the outage, by getting half of the protocol nodes ready with the new Samba version and then only taking a brief outage when switching from the "old" to the "new" Samba version: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/STXKQY_4.2.2/com.ibm.spectrum.scale.v4r22.doc/bl1ins_updatingsmb.htm
The toolkit follows the same approach during an upgrade to minimize the outage.
We know that this is not ideal, but as mentioned above this is limited by the large effort that would be required which has to be weighed against other requirements and priorities.

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Hi All,

               It appears a rolling node by node upgrade of a protocols cluster is not possible. Ctdb is the sticking point as it won’t run with 2 different versions at the same time. Are there any plans to address this and make it a real Enterprise product?






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