I also successfully built gphoto with Cygwin 64bit, separate builds
for libusb0.1 and libusb1.0.
However I could only take few photos with capture-image-and-download
parameter, then "PTP error: couldn't download image" started to show up.
After taking about a dozen of photos "PTP error" occurs permanently. The
camera (Nikon D5200) is triggered and takes a photo, but it hangs with
"Connecting to PC" message when the image is about to be transferred over
USB. It hangs even when gphoto2 process is killed and I have to turn it off
and on to become responsive. This is very strange and both builds behave
exactly the same: first 4-5 photos are taken without a problem, then PTP
errors show up and after about ca 12 photos the camera hangs permanently. It
looks like one shot compilation and I cannot use gphoto anymore after 12

So I thought using 64bit Cygwin is the problem, but there's another problem
with 32bit Cygwin: libgphoto builds successfully, gphoto compiles
successfully but it won't link - libtool complains there's
/usr/lib/libintl.la missing. This file is missing indeed, but it's also
missing in 64bit which builds successfully. libtool complains even if
"internationalization" is turned off (./configure --disable-nls). Basically
even makefiles for 64 and 32bit are the same so I don't know where this
libintl.la dependency comes from. 

Any ideas how to solve any of the issues ? 


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