On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 08:09:33PM -0700, photogd wrote:
> I am making an android app in java that can do bulb capture, it's not using
> libgphoto2, but instead using the hex codes the cameras support. The problem
> is the Canon EDSDK documentation does not give the hex values the camera
> needs for EosRemoteRelease full press, half press, etc.
> How does libgphoto2 send this information to the camera? Is it a hex value
> or something else?
> This is how what I'm trying to do is done with gphoto2:
> gphoto2 --wait-event=2s --set-config eosremoterelease=Immediate
> --wait-event=5s --set-config eosremoterelease=Off
> This is how I'm doing it in my java app:
> EosRemoteReleaseOn = 0x9128;
> sleep.500ms
> EosRemoteReleaseOff = 0x9129;
> However it is doing nothing. I think because I am not passing the
> "immediate" value to the camera over USB PTP. However, I cannot simply pass
> it to the camera as "immediate", there must be a numerical value for it.
> Where in gphoto2 can I find this numerical value? I searched the entire
> codebase for gphoto2 but can't find where this is handled at all. 
> And when you set this in gphoto2:
> set-config bulb=1
> set-config bulb=0
> What is that changing? Where is it located? How is it affecting the PTP Hex
> Codes being sent to the camera?

The bulb code for EOS is here:


and the eosremote release code is here:
THere the names are mapped to the numbers.

Ciao, Marcus

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