Hi Markus,

This is just a small contribution and I would like acknowledge help of reviewers to improve the manuscript. I believe more such grass-based papers in scientific journals will further promote GRASS within the wider scientific community. Of course, we would welcome if this could go to the trunk version. Vaclav helped us is v.surf.rst and it is already there and I hope he could also help with r.sim.water and r.sun. He can contact me or my colleagues and we will provide any assistance.

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Markus Neteler napĂ­sal(a):

just saw that this article got published (congrats, Jaro and team):

Hofierka, J., Lacko, M., Zubal, S., 2017. Parallelization of
interpolation, solar radiation and water flow simulation modules in
GRASS GIS using OpenMP. Computers & Geosciences.

Questions: since the code is already in addons, how about merging the
changes into trunk?


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