Rich wrote:
>   The approach that worked for me was described by
> Helmut Kudrnovsky:
>   1) zoom to your area of interest of your larger
> region.
>   2) e.g. " output=testarea",
> so the extent of your
>   area of interest is defined by the vector
> "testarea"
>   3) "g.region vect=testarea", by this  the
> region is set to your area of
>   interest for analysis. "This region defines the
> geographic area in which
>   all GRASS displays and raster analyses will be
> done."
>   Works like a charm.

the and g.region vect= steps are redundant, but
make sure when you zoom you update the computational region,
not just the display one in the GUI (d.zoom + d.mon does this


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