On Mon, 25 Jan 2010, Hamish wrote:

the v.in.region and g.region vect= steps are redundant, but make sure when
you zoom you update the computational region, not just the display one in
the GUI (d.zoom + d.mon does this automatically)


  Good to know. Thanks.

  I'm a CLI person so I use the GUI only to start GRASS because I've hated
that crude, mid-1980s ncurses starting interface for years. Otherwise I much
prefer to work in a virtual console at the command line. Much more
comfortable for me. However, I will concede that I've found the LaTeX GUI
front-end, LyX, to be much quicker and more productive than writing LaTeX in
emacs. So I'm not totally averse to using the pointy-thingie when it's
demonstrably more productive. :-)

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