Le 16 octobre 2016 17:27:48 GMT+02:00, Vincent Bain <b...@toraval.fr> a écrit :
>could anyone help me with exporting a raster map to an existing
>spatialite database ?
>Running r.out.gdal with Rasterlite on a newly created spatialite db
>works fine, but I would like to export multiple rasters to a single
>database. I see there are no creation options allowing to specify an
>output table name for the raster to export.
>I guess I could do it by (i)export my data to GTiff, then (ii)load it
>my db with rasterlite_load command line tool. But I'd like to have it
>done in one go from GRASS GIS.

In the gdal doc I see:

Syntax: 'rasterlitedb_name' or 

Have you tried with the second version of the syntax ?


>Any advice ?
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