Hi Moritz,

this is a good clue! I manage to write data to distinct tables passing
the table name as an argument:

        r.out.gdal --overwrite input=my_3_band_raster_imggroup
        output=RASTERLITE:test.sqlite,table=my_raster format=Rasterlite

I fear the next issue is due to my gdal configuration : when I load a
new rasterlite table in an existing spatialite database, I have to
manually fill the srid value attached to the new table.
In other words, following the previous example, this statement:

        select srid from geometry_columns where f_table_name="my_raster"
returns -1 instead of the expected srid entry. So I have to fix it with
a manual update.

On the other hand if I try to load a rasterlite table with the dedicated
rasterlite_load command, I need to specify the epsg registry code
eventhough the input Gtiff is completely defined; otherwise "srid" is
set to 0:

        rasterlite_load -d test.sqlite -T my_raster -e 2154 -i png -f

Thanks for your advice,

Le lundi 17 octobre 2016 à 08:06 +0200, Moritz Lennert a écrit :
> Le 16 octobre 2016 17:27:48 GMT+02:00, Vincent Bain <b...@toraval.fr> a écrit 
> :
> >Hi,
> >could anyone help me with exporting a raster map to an existing
> >spatialite database ?
> >
> >Running r.out.gdal with Rasterlite on a newly created spatialite db
> >works fine, but I would like to export multiple rasters to a single
> >database. I see there are no creation options allowing to specify an
> >output table name for the raster to export.
> >
> >I guess I could do it by (i)export my data to GTiff, then (ii)load it
> >to
> >my db with rasterlite_load command line tool. But I'd like to have it
> >done in one go from GRASS GIS.
> In the gdal doc I see:
> Syntax: 'rasterlitedb_name' or 
> 'RASTERLITE:rasterlitedb_name[,table=raster_table_prefix][,minx=minx_val,miny=miny_val,maxx=maxx_val,maxy=maxy_val][,level=level_number]
> Have you tried with the second version of the syntax ?
> Moritz
> >
> >Any advice ?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Vincent.
> >
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