>I send you a screen snapshot of the error message

it seems to be the sqlite3 issue.

>As mentionned on the wiki page, lots of my applications have their own

if these sqlite3.dlls live in the program folders of these programs, e.g.

C:\Program Files\software1\bin\sqlite3.dll
C:\Program Files\software2\bin\sqlite3.dll
C:\Program Files\software3\bin\sqlite3.dll

than it's not a problem.



Windows operating systems don't install natively a SQLite dll in any
directory available in %PATH%. 

First steps are:

    typing in a windows console: where "$path:sqlite3*"
    search in C:\Windows in the explorer for sqlite3*

If one of results of the steps above are positive, another software
installed the dll in a directory available in %PATH%.

if this is the case, then it's clearly not a winGRASS issue; other software
pollutes %PATH%.

a possible solution:

if the broken software is found, move xxxsqlite3.dll to the installation
directory of that software (e.g. e.g. c:\Programs\YourSoftwareBreakingGrass)
and rename it back to sqlite3.dll

best regards
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