I tried to find the problem using your procedure, but didn't find the broken
I tested all folders that contains sqlite3.ddl except those surligned in red
in the attach file. 
The sqlite3.dll files, I didn't rename are stored in :
   - C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro : I didn't have the permissions;
   - C:\Windows\System32 ; 

src="WinGrassError1.png" border="0" class="center"/>
Before installing 7.4.0 version of Grass, I use to run the 7.0.0 version. Is
there a difference between 7.4.0 and 7.0.0 that can explain the problem?. 
I also tried to install the 7.2.0 and had the same problem.
As I do not have the permissions to modify C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend
Micro (this program was installed by the computer department recently), is
there another way to install Grass GIS ?
With my best regards

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