Hi all,
I'm new with GRASS GIS and I'm interesting to learn the use of r.fuzzy.* tools. 
I read Jasiewicz paper (A new Grass GIS fuzzy inference system for massive data 
analys) and I run r.fuzzy.system tool without error. Now I'm trying to 
understand the process step by step using r.fuzzy.set and r.fuzzy.logic. I 
produced membership raster with r.fuzzy.set but when I use its outputs to run  
r.fuzzy.logic I have the follow error: ERROR: <accum_abs_high_memb@PERMANENT> 
is not of type CELL.
The tool requires two input raster data and both are FCELL. I have no idea 
where can be the error, both input data are from r.fuzzy.set.
I'm running Grass GIS 7.2.1 in Window 10 and I'm using spearfish60_grass7 maps.

Thanks in advance.

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