I am unable to figure out why a certain processing algorithm
(v.net.steiner) works fine in QGIS2, but not in QGIS3. I am using the same
line and point layer with the same cost column. The input data as well as
the cost column are the only parameters that I define, the others remain
the default ones.

In QGIS2 the processing history looks like this:


The result looks the following connecting the 3 nodes via the line layer.

In QGIS3 the processing history looks like this:


No result is created. The error messages indicate that the point layer
cannot be used:

*FEHLER: v.net.steiner: Sorry, <points> is not a valid parameter*

Importing the data to GRASS7 directly and running v.net.steiner there
indicates the same, as I get the following error message:

*Number of terminals: 0, ERROR: Nicht genĂ¼gend Stationen (< 2)*

I uploaded the subset of the line and point layer that I used here (

Both QGIS2 and QGIS3 versions use GRASS7.4.

Any ideas on how to figure out further what the problem might be?


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