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On Wednesday, 14 September 2016 15:10:21 UTC+2, Alexander Chernov wrote:
> Not sure if it's a bug or my misunderstanding of documentation.
> I have a pipeline with following rule in it
> rule "drop cronjob"
> when 
>     has_field("application_name") && to_string($message.application_name) == 
> "CRON"
> then
>     drop_message();
> end
> If I attach this pipeline to "Syslog" stream, messages are not dropped, 
> and I still can see them in the stream. Only if I attach the pipeline to 
> Default stream, messages begin to be dropped.
> Currently it's the only pipeline present in the system, it contains only 
> one rule, and it's on stage 0. 
> Stream *Syslog* is populated through "normal" way (Stream rules, 
> filtering by gl2_source_input). 
> Any thoughts?

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