Hi Jochen,

On Thursday, 15 September 2016 11:45:38 UTC+2, Jochen Kressin wrote:
> So I'm just wondering what exact problems you run into. Is there anything 
> we can help you with regarding this functionality?

The most annoying problem is currently the JarHell check of Elasticsearch. 
Graylog has some dependencies on the same artifacts as Elasticsearch but 
doesn't use the exact same version (e. g. for Jackson and other libraries).

Because of this the JarHell check fails and won't let the embedded 
Elasticsearch even start if a plugin is being installed.

We're aware that we will have to change the way of integrating 
Elasticsearch into Graylog in the future (most prominently with the release 
of Elasticsearch 5.0.0, which will not have an embedded mode anymore), but 
for now we won't assign too many resources into this issue.


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