Recently upgraded to 2.1 and just noticed this behavior.

I have a stream that matches against two rules:

EventID = 4625

If a log matches both of those, send an email.  The emails are not being 
sent.  Looking into it, if I force a failed login attempt it generates a 
message that should match the stream.  I go manually find the message and 
in the details off to the side it does say it was routed into the stream. 
 Additionally, if I copy the message ID and load it into the stream it 
gives two green lines and says it should match.  Also, I can click on the 
title of the stream that takes me to the search screen with the rules of 
the stream applied, and the message shows up there as well.  I tried 
deleting and re-creating the stream, that did not help either.

Sending a test email from the stream is successful.

Any ideas?  These are Windows event logs, but I don't think that matters. 


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