Item No. 11.
<<Industrial Way Forward Agreement between Nuclear Power Corporation of
India Ltd, and EDF, France>>
<<Shri Sekhar Basu, Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy>>
<<Mr. Jean Bernard Levy, CEO, EDF>>
"Purpose": <<This agreement prescribes a way forward for the implementation
of the Jaitapur nuclear power project.>>

(Extracted from 'List of MoUs/Agreements signed during the State Visit of
President of France to India (March 10, 2018)' released by the Press
Information Bureau, Government of India, Prime Minister's Office on
"10-March-2018 16:51 IST" at <>.)

It's rather heartening to note that "a way forward" sounds only too vague.
We'd have to, however, watch out.

It may not be out of place to remind here that since the Indo-US Nuclear
Deal, finally clinched back on October 10 2008, which in the process had
liberated India from out of the penal exile from the global nuclear market,
agreements for supply of only two foerign - Russian, in the subject case,
nuclear reactors have been signed as yet.

Out of the two designated US-based suppliers, one - GE-Hitachi, dropped
out, quite a while back.
The cases of the US-based Westinghouse and French Areva - now its successor
EDF, are still hanging fire.

Of course, contracts with a number of countries, including Australia,
Kazakhstan and Canada, for import of uranium to replenish woefully
inadequate domestic productionfor supply of uranium, lifeline for the
domestic reactors in operation, have sonce been concluded.


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