When I put in the second \gregorioscore into my .tex file, it will not compile. It gives me:

   Package GregorioTeX Warning: initial-style gabc header is deprecated.

   (GregorioTeX) Use \gresetinitiallines instead on input line 8.

   [2]) [3] ("./Meal Advent.aux"))

   29805 words of node memory still in use:

   1012 hlist, 148 vlist, 589 rule, 1 local_par, 750 glue, 734 kern, 6

   288 glyph, 1506 attribute, 54 glue_spec, 314 attribute_list, 1
   write, 1 user_d

   efined nodes

   avail lists: 2:4434,3:657,4:34,5:783,6:564,7:246,8:53,9:347,10:25,11:2


   Module gregoriotex Error:

   (gregoriotex) Unable to open "Meal Advent".gaux on input line 0


   <*> "Meal Advent.tex"


There are two warnings which both say, "Use \gresetinitiallines instead on input line 8." but I do not know what this means. I have gone through the .gabc file in question, and I cannot find any errors in the coding of it.

Br. Anthony

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